Having to deal with the choice of a wedding dress has become even more difficult when you celebrate two events at the same time…when the bride is pregnant…there is a very busy industry in Israel of wedding dresses and you can find dresses in all sizes, for a variety of shapes, you should be aware that dresses in Israel are at the top of the list, quite the latest fashion, the dresses designers in Israel are among the world famous designers, they are very talented and outstanding in the field, so the variety is huge also for women who look for a pregnancy wedding dresses that is suitable for a pregnancy. There is a little caution needed here, though, since when the bride is  pregnant and she tries on a dress, then later, perhaps one month later when she tries it on again she has already changed in size…so the question is how do you find a pregnancy wedding dresses ? The answer is simple, from the start, do not choose a tight bridal dress but choose the Bluzon shape that is more loose and elegant as well, so when the belly sticks out more it would not show through the dress that can hide the belly on the one hand but on the other hand, it reflect elegance and simplicity and it can cover the belly really well.

The perfect matching of a dress to a pregnancy

There are women whose body changes already at the beginning of their pregnancy, the thighs are getting bigger, or the behinds, the belly or the chest start to grow in a fast rate…in the bridal dresses studio there is a variety of wedding dresses for pregnant women or in the stores that keeps a collection of wedding dresses, since there are designers and tailors that can work and fix the wedding dress specially to the body shape of the pregnant woman even can take into consideration ahead of time the fact that the bride is “growing” but planning for it ahead will still create an elegant dress alongside the changes of the body and it would not seem different.

The recommendations of Dimitrius – Dalia studio for choosing wedding dresses for a pregnancy

There are some criteria that are the most important when choosing a pregnancy wedding dresses. In Dimitrius – Dalia studio we believe in a few main points, and here we will present them:

  1. Choose a designer that will know what to do and how to add the changes in the most crucial stage of the event, someone who would easily see the potential in the dress model and the special fabrics that should be well matched with the body lines of the pregnant woman.
  2. Choose the dress around two months before the date of your event, each week has a big influence on the bride’s body changes so it will be wrong to choose the wedding dresses for pregnant women a few months before.
  3. Choose a comfortable dress, the beauty and the design are very important but if the bride would feel uncomfortable with the dress she would be wearing, the investment would not pay off, the bride would be uncomfortable in the most precious night of her life.
  4. It is important to choose comfortable shoes as close as possible to the date of the event because shoes size might change too as well as the body lines, it is common to have swelling around the ankles and the feet, it is typical with pregnant women.
  5. Find wedding dresses with soft falling fabrics, try to think of the belly area, do not choose tight dresses that can choke the bride, you must focus on soft, feminine and romantic.

A bride who is pregnant, should feel comfortable un her wedding dress which made perfect for her special condition. Only special and talented designers like Dimitrious Dalia, can make a pregnant bride feel glamor and secure in the most important day in her life!