How to choose the suitable dress – some tips from Dimitrius Studio

The search for wedding dresses starts with the tour you take with your mother and your good friend. In Brides Studios that are usually in close proximity to one another, the bride would start to go through the collections and then of course she is curious and ready to try something on, the one she feels she likes of course. Not all the young brides are aware of the type of dress that would fit them best, therefore, in many of these studios there are professional teams, experienced and updated. They would give advise what would look good on the bride, one well known studio with a professional team is the studio of Dimitrius-Dalia, it is one of the most professional ones, when a bride comes to choose and try a dress, the team would give the bride some important tips and the proper explanation, why a specific   wedding dress or another may not be the best ones. The tips that we find common in Dimitrius studio have to do with height or weight, for example, it is not recommended when the bride is short or has a full figure to choose tight fit dresses with a long “tail”, such dresses are suitable and look really good on tall women that are thin. Full and not tight dresses would fit most of the other figure types of brides and therefore, this kind of dress has always been and will continue to be the real classical dress.

Choosing a dress according to character

The character, the personal impression the bride gives would be one of the leading criteria in choosing a wedding dress, for example, if the bride likes a luxury look and style. She can find in the wedding-dresses-by-the-designer-dalia-mansharov”>wedding dresses studio a luxurious dress made of luxurious and expensive materials and special appliqués that would make it look even more outstanding. It is possible to find bridal dresses with the country style look, the naïve and romantic one, or the special vintage style dress and more. There are those who would prefer a simple lines dress, also the place where the wedding is held has an important influence. If the wedding is taking place in a hall, or a garden and hall, or under the open skies, it would affect the choice of dress, what is now more popular among the young couples today it would be taken into consideration when choosing a dress. If the wedding is held outdoors in a natural environment, the dress should be light and simple.

Look at many styles prior to your search in a bride studio

Since, there is such a  great and big variety of dresses and brides studios, it is advised to look at dresses way before the search itself in the shops and studios. The more styles you will find that  you like, the easier it is going to be – to find the best dress for yourself. It is important to remind you that it is not sufficient to look at it and to like it, you have to try it on so you will know if it fits you well and if you like yourself in it. In the studio for the brides, the advantage you have if when you try on a dress, it is possible to fix it to fit your size, the team there would make it smaller or enlarge it, make it shorter or longer, when you choose a designer dress, it is not so easy. In the studio you have the team’s experience and service. When the bride says she is conservative or religious, they would show her other suitable designs, if for example she is the daring type, they would show her other dresses showing more…daring more. What is really important is to use the knowledge and the assistance of these wedding dress designers so your choice would be really – the best and most perfect one for you !! Mazal Tov!

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