Designing wedding dresses by the designer Dalia Mansharov

Dalia Mansharov is a very talented designer who specializes in the area of evening gowns and wedding dresses in Ashkelon. Dalia is married to Michael Mansharov; they both opened the wedding dresses studio in 1994. The couple had opened and managed a beautiful outstanding bride dresses studio, they import the most luxurious materials and fabrics from leading countries for a planned creation and design, the dresses are real art pieces, such creations that brides enjoy so much to wear on their unforgettable night of their lives. In the Dimitrius-Dalia studio you can find also more covering dresses that would suit the religious women or the more conservative brides and many more styles. Dalia has presented her own special collection, a line of wedding dresses and evening gowns that have a deep cleavage in the back, long maxi dresses, luxurious and impressing, the Hollywood style, you can find dresses for urban style women, or country styles or more light and sheer, with a pure romantic impression. There are luxurious expensive fabrics for wedding dresses, it is Dalia Mansharov’s own creation, dresses with Swarovski’s stones, black pearls and amazing appliqués that makes the dress more striking and give the dress the special first class looks.

The unique line and special touch by Dalia – which many brides are familiar with

The unique line that is Dalia Mansharov’s work, thousands of brides are familiar with. Those brides chose their wedding dresses in Dimitrius –Dalia’s Studio. The winning team of the studio Dimitrius – Dalia knows how to fit the wedding dress to the bride, taking into account her looks, how she wants to look, her body shape. This is a studio that also provides make-up service, hair styling, beauty treatments, nails treatments – everything in one place. There is also the relaxing luxurious atmosphere that the studio keeps it going, a real one special day experience, becoming a queen. When the bride leaves the studio she looks like a “million dollar” top model, having the special hair accessories, jewels, flower bouquets, pearls and stones, all of it you can be sure you will get in the studio that has become a brand name.

The way the studio looks is worth a thousand words

When you enter the studio of Dimitrius – Dalia, you will understand what we are saying. There is nothing better than what the eyes meet. A glance at the dresses there would “give” you the explanation what we are talking about since the one most famous and frequently visited studios in Ashkelon is undoubtedly the Dimitrius – Dalia studio.

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