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The fancy well known “Dimitrius – Dalia” wedding studio was established in 1994 in Ashkelon, it is one of the most fancy wedding studios which offers significant large collection of the most trendy wedding dresses. The bride’s studio “Dimitrius – Dalia” that is located in Ashkelon, is owned by the couple Dalia and Michael Mansharov, it sets the tone of fashion in the field of wedding dresses and in the field of the escort for the bride. There are thousands of brides that entered the studio and received our service at the Dimitrius studio for the brides with perfectly made dresses that flattered their figure and were made to their taste and style, fitting perfectly to their body. The Dimitrius – Dalia studio is an elegant three stories place that contains:

An impressive big entrance hall

A second floor with 11 big luxurious suits which provide privacy and discretion to the brides

Fitting rooms and consultation rooms

A royal lobby

A waiting room

A big and elegant hair saloon

Make-up stations, nails and hair

What is special in the bride’s studio of Dimitrius –Dalia

Every bride in the studio of Dimitrius – Dalia is a queen and she has the privilege to receive a consultation service regarding the dress, the make-up, the hair styling that would suit her face lines and the dress, she receives an aromatic oil bath, relaxing and pleasant and more. In our studio you will find everything but without a groom…the professional staff of Dimitrius – Dalia will escort the bride throughout the hours of her stay in the studio. The dress are special designs that  you wouldn’t find anywhere else, designs that you don’t find in other brides studios since part of the wedding dresses are imported and our studio gets new trends and fresh luxurious designs of the best most fabulous and expensive materials for wedding dresses. You can get your own impressions by visiting our brides studio, consult with us and we will be pleased to help you find your dream dress for the most special night of your life.

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